Rotary Table T20

All the tables have outstanding positioning precision (5/2.5/1 arc sec.). There is no slip-stick during the positioning of the table. Due to simple design and assembled components, FERMAT tables require minimum maintenance and adjustments during their lifetime. The rotary table consists of bed, slide, and rotary clamping plate. The slide enables the rotary clamping plate to move in the X-axis. The clamping plate is fitted onto a cross roller bearing that secures high load capacity with minimal passive resistance. In order to achieve precision in work pieces, the rotary table is hydraulically clamped at 4 points to avoid rotation during the working process. The table is governed by the control system of the machine, and there is a rotary encoder in the centre of the table. As a standard, the rotary table operates as a continuous 4th axis.


Clamping Plate Size (mm)

1600 x 1800, 1800 x 2200, 1800 x 2600,   2000 x 2400, 

2500 x 2500, 2000 x 3000

Max. Table Load (kg)
Table Travel (mm)
2000 - 5000
T-Slots Size
22H8 / 22H12 (option 28H8 / 22H12)
Operation Travel X-Axis (mm/min)
1 - 12000
Operation Travel B-Axis (rpm)
2 (opt. 5)


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