U.S. - Czech Investment Forum & SelectUSA Seminar In Prague

U.S. - Czech Investment Forum & SelectUSA Seminar In Prague

On Thursday September 17th the U.S. Embassy in Prague together with SelectUSA held a seminar for Czech investors to learn more about investing in the United States. The United States is incredibly diverse, and the Seminar brings that diversity together.

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Fermat as a 100% owner of Lucas Precision LLC had the pleasure of participating in this great event and to present our successful acquisition in the United States.

We were pleased to meet with Ambassador Shephen B. King who is not only a prominent public servant but also a very successful businessman.

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It was also a pleasure to learn more about the U.S. Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) and meet with reps from Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and FirstEnergy that are great resources for Czech companies interested in investing in the U.S.

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Lucas Precision, A Fermat Group Company

In 2014 Fermat Group decided to purchase Lucas Precision as part of our global ambition to build and grow the Fermat products worldwide. Fermat’s permanent presence in the United States is very beneficial for our customers. Sales, service, and spare part availability are an integral part of our customer service efforts.